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An expertly handled criminal appeal requires an extensive review of the entire court case from start to finish. This includes a review of all testimony and transcripts, determining if the client was properly represented by prior counsel, and often re-interviewing all witnesses and law enforcement. After information is gathered and analyzed, only then can an expert determination be made if good legal grounds exist to appeal the conviction.


Appeals Attorney in Los Angeles

The legal team at Schwartz & Weinrieb has extensive expertise in handling appeals for a variety of criminal convictions. The firm’s founder, Robert Schwartz, is one of the foremost leaders in this field of criminal defense. Criminal defense attorneys from Schwartz & Weinrieb will advise you to appeal a conviction only when solid legal grounds exist to seek post conviction relief.

If you or a loved one is considering appealing a criminal conviction, contact an appeal late lawyer from Schwartz & Weinrieb today at (310) 246-9550 or (818) 888-2711.