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Bench Warrants

In any case, a bench warrant is a very serious matter since you can be arrested anywhere and will likely be immediately taken to jail to await a hearing. It is critical for you to immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer if you currently have a bench warrant, or if a loved one is already in custody due to a failure to appear in court.

In some cases, bench warrants are easily handled. For example, warrants issued for failing to appear for jury duty or failing to arrive to court on time may be “recalled” without significant problems. On the other hand, bench warrants issued for serious criminal offenses, or warrants for failing to appear at court for a substantial period of time (even a few weeks in some cases) can have serious ramifications.

If the court feels that you are attempting to avoid your appearance, you may not be released from jail until your next hearing. It is important that you handle any bench warrant as quickly as possible, otherwise you may find yourself in handcuffs being led away from work, home or from a routine traffic stop. Each case is unique and must be closely reviewed to determine how best to resolve the situation.


Bench Warrant Lawyer in Los Angeles

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