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Los Angeles Child Molestation Attorney

Of all the criminal charges one could face, there are few charges that can destroy one’s reputation faster than an accusation of child molestation. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of the damages that can result from a conviction for such serious criminal charges.

If you have been arrested for child molestation, it is very important that you contact a child molestation defense lawyer right away. If you are convicted of this felony charge, you will likely face an extended period of time in county jail or state prison. The actions taken by defense counsel in such cases are therefore critical to your future, and hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential.

Child molestation charges, in some cases, have been found to be completely false, and the individual accused is innocent. Whether innocent or guilty, you are still faced with the fact that you must defend yourself in court if you hope to avoid a conviction. It is crucial that you have an extremely skilled and seasoned defense lawyer to immediately begin preparing your defense.

If convicted of child molestation, you will likely be required to become a “registered sex offender”. This means that any person in your neighborhood can go online and see your name, address, photograph and the crime that you committed. Moving to another state will not protect you, as these rules exist across the United States.


Attorney in Los Angeles for Child Molestation Cases

Schwartz & Weinrieb’s team of experienced criminal defense attorneys is prepared to act quickly on behalf of any client charged with this serious offense. Defense attorneys from Schwartz & Weinrieb are creative and aggressive, and will exploit any possible flaw in the case. You can be assured that your case will be a priority.

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