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Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is the most commonly used “recreational drug”, and there are medical marijuana “dispensaries” or “collectives” throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. While many consider marijuana “no big deal,” law enforcement continues to crackdown on marijuana offenses.

Marijuana charges for “simple possession” are filed as infractions, misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the amount and type of marijuana at issue (possession of < 28.5g of marijuana is an infraction). Individuals charged with simple possession may, depending on their criminal history, qualify for drug programs such as DEJ or Proposition 36 which will result in the dismissal of their case upon completion of drug treatment. Charges of possession of marijuana for sale, sales and cultivation are felonies. The main issue in these cases is typically whether marijuana was possessed or cultivated for personal use, or whether it was illegally possessed for sale, or cultivated, sold or transported for the purpose of sale. “Medical Marijuana” has become a central issue in marijuana cases. Individuals with a medical marijuana card, or who assert that they are a member of a lawful medical marijuana collective, may have a strong defense to charges of unlawfully possessing, cultivating or selling marijuana. However, medical marijuana defenses are not always applicable, and a detailed case analysis must be conducted to determine if a case falls within the parameters of a “medical marijuana defense.”


Criminal Defense Attorneys for Marijuana Charges

For over 80 combined years, the team of criminal attorneys at Schwartz & Weinrieb have aggressively defended individuals charged with the possession, cultivation, possession for sale, sale and distribution of marijuana.

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