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Robbery is an extremely serious crime that is charged when someone uses force and/or fear to take another person’s property.  “Force” is usually an assault or battery, and “fear” typically means threatening words or statements. For example, “give me your property or I will hurt you!”

Robbery is a “strike” under California’s Three Strikes Law, and someone convicted of robbery is typically facing a substantial state prison sentence.  While someone charged with robbery can get probation, prosecutors typically seek prison sentences.  Because robbery is considered a “violent felony,” anyone in prison for robbery will serve 85% of their sentence.

There may be very strong defenses in robbery cases.  For example, if a person uses “force” or “fear” against another but does not decide to steal property until after the force or fear is used, that is not a robbery.  The decision to steal must be made before or at the time the force or fear is used.

In other cases, a “robbery” charge may be reduced to a “theft.”  For example, if the force or fear is minimal or the defendant has little to no criminal history, the prosecutor may be swayed to reduce the robbery charge to a theft, which carries far less severe punishments.

At Schwartz & Weinrieb, we regularly defend individuals charged with robbery, carjacking and all other violent theft offenses.  If the prosecution’s evidence does not support a robbery charge we will fight vigorously to get the charges dismissed.  If the prosecution has a strong case with damaging evidence, we will work to reduce any and all potential consequences to our client.

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