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Theft Crimes

Large stores such as Macy’s, Costco and Best Buy work hand-in-hand with the police to prosecute theft offenses.

“Theft Crimes” are not limited to only simple theft offenses. Theft crimes also include progressively more serious theft offenses including, but not limited to:

  • petty theft with a prior
  • grand theft
  • burglary – Commercial and residential
  • robbery
  • carjacking

Some theft crimes, such as embezzlement, are crimes of moral turpitude, and may negatively impact future employment, immigration and other opportunities more severely than other theft offenses. Violent or serious theft crimes may be punished by a jail or state prison sentence.


Theft Lawyer in Los Angeles

No individual charged with a theft crime should risk prosecution without being defended by a top criminal defense lawyer with years of experience to vigorously challenge the charges against them.

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