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Case Results

Through our comprehensive knowledge of the law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, Schwartz & Weinrieb continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our recent case results include the following:

Mental Health Diversion Granted! Mr. Weinrieb's client had a lengthy mental health history that resulted in him assaulting a man at a grocery store. Mr. Weinrieb wrote a petition for mental health diversion for his client which was granted. The Judge hearing the case described the petition as the absolute best one she had ever encountered as a Judge.

Mental Health Diversion Granted! Mr. Weinrieb's client was a third striker facing a potential life sentence. Mr. Weinrieb realized that his client's problems were based on his ongoing abuse of methamphetamine and his very difficult childhood. He wrote a 50 page motion to get Mental Health Diversion for his client instead of a life sentence. After months and months of litigation, the motion was finally granted and his client entered Rehabilitation. If he successfully completes his program then his case will be DISMISSED.

Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with multiple counts of felony assault following a bottle throwing altercation at a nightclub on New Year's eye. Mr. Weinrieb got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor with 1 year of summary probation, no jail time and no classes or community service.

Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged in the Van Nuys Courthouse with felony domestic violence for stabbing her husband in the back with a screwdriver. Mr. Weinrieb was able to show that his client was punched before the stabbing and had a history of being abused. The initial offer from the prosecutor was prison. Mr. Weinrieb got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time.

Mr. Weinrieb's client had 3 prior strikes and was charged with 3 new strike offenses. The prosecutor was insisting on sending his client back to prison for 6 years. Mr. Weinrieb understood that his client was a lifelong drug addict and needed rehabilitation instead of more incarceration. Mr. Weinrieb made a direct plea to the Judge who decided to override the prosecutor and offer his client probation with a 2-year live in drug treatment, rehabilitation program. The client's family was incredibly grateful.

Mr. Weinrieb's client was falsely accused of domestic violence by his former spouse in order to gain custody in their divorce proceeding. Mr. Weinrieb announced ready for trial and the prosecutor caved, and offered his client to plead no contest to an infraction which will not affect him in the child custody case.

ANOTHER client falsely charged with solicitation of prostitution in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles on Sepulveda Boulevard. CASE DISMISSED.

Mr. Weinrieb's 22 year-old client was charged with 2 felony counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in a vehicle. The charge was reduced by the District Attorney to 1 misdemeanor after Mr. Weinrieb presented substantial evidence of his client's outstanding work, school and community service records, and that his client was well deserving of a second chance. The District Attorney was extremely fair in this case and all felony charges were dismissed. This case exemplifies how fair results can be achieved through proper negotiation.

Case Dismissed! Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with speed racing. Following his client's completion of a driver's education course, all charges were dropped.

Diversion granted for Mr. Weinrieb's client charged with a drug DUI charge. Under the settlement negotiated by Mr. Weinrieb, his client must complete outpatient drug treatment and her drug DUI charge will be completely dismissed and she will have absolutely no criminal record.

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