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Client Testimonials

My husbands case was a difficult one, many lawyers would give us different advice. Garret Weinrieb was 100 percent sure of how to deal with the case and how to get things done. He was very responsive to any questions we had and assured me that he would be there and he was. Highly recommend this firm! :)

Garret is the BEST!!! Hands down!! I was in such a difficult situation and I'm glad Garret was the one who took over. Fought a 3rd strike case with all his hard work and effort! He beat it! Took all his time and dedication to it. Such an amazing person to begin with. When people say he cares about his clients let me tell you he REALLY does. Could not thank him enough! One of the best decisions made was having him as my attorney! I hope to not ever need an attorney in the future but if I did he would be my guy! Thank you very much Garret!!!

Would highly recommend to anyone when in need for a criminal case. First time dealing with such a hard moment needed an attorney and I am so thankful that I choose him! Felt so comfortable during the whole process because Garret took care of it so well. It was such a hard case but he did everything he could to get a good outcome and that's exactly what happened. He fought for us so hard! A case where life in prison was a huge chance but Garret worked his magic! Trusted him through out the whole process, and I'm thankful he always updated me. 10000xs recommend!

Garret is no nonesense. He knows the ropes, the dance..and the game...Saved my a#$ I am beyond grateful

Garret is the best attorney around a Man of his word , got me the deal that I wanted with efforts from him and me he got me no jail time on a DUI case with priors I was looking at 8 years in prison and thanks to this mans knowledge he got me no jail time thank you garret for all your effort and honesty!

We hired Garret for my brothers case and it was the best decision we ever did. He is very straightforward and will tell it to you how it is instead of running around in circles which was exactly what my brother needed to hear. He gets what needs to be done done. Extremely professional, doesn’t waste your time. Not like other lawyers who are only in it for the money but he truly cares about his clients and wants them to get better and change their lives. 100% would recommend.

Mr. Weinrieb was my lawyer back in June of 2019. He took my years old d.u.i case and he was very quick to respond, and he will be straight forward with you. He does not play or mess around.. I was very lucky to have found Mr. Weinrieb as my lawyer.. Hes very understanding and he got me out of jail.. My case was 6 years old and he convinced the judge not to send me to jail.. I am really grateful and appreciative for Mr. Weinriebs services.. I would highly recommend Mr. Weinrieb anytime..

My experience with Attorney Weinrieb was a very pleasant one. He is very professional and very understanding. He is extremely knowledgeable in all he does. He is honest and straight to the point with you. I was facing a DUI case and he was able to work to reduce my case to an exhibition of speed charge which saved my DACA. If you are facing a though case you definitely want attorney Weinrieb on your side. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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