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Case Results

Through our comprehensive knowledge of the law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, Schwartz & Weinrieb continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our recent case results include the following:

Van Nuys Court-MOTION TO TERMINATED PROBATION EARLY GRANTED. Our client can now travel outside of the United States and be reunited with his wife and children.  Family unification.

San Fernando Court - CASE DISMISSED.  Client was charged with resisting arrest.  We knew the prosecutor was not ready for trial so we marched forward and announced that we were ready for trial.  When the day for jury trial arrived the prosecutor was forced to dismiss the case against our client.  Our client is overjoyed and can now return to her normal life.

CASE DISMISSED AT TRIAL- Van Nuys Courthouse- Our client was charged with domestic violence, assault by means or force likely to produce great bodily injury, and battery. There were offers on the case. The client rejected the offers based on conversations with Mr. Naderi about the case. Mr. Naderi set the case for trial. The case was dismissed prior to trial. 

PROBATION- San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi's client was charged with vehicular manslaughter caused during a vehicle on motorcycle crashed. Mr. Naderi was able to obtain a probationary offer for his client. NO JAIL.

MULTIPLE COUNTS DISMISSED- Client retained this office after being charged with multiple counts of child molestation and child annoyance. There were multiple victims and the client was in a position of trust with the children. Mr. Naderi was able to obtain a NO JAIL agreement and probation for the client.

CASE DISMISSED- San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi's client was charged with a felony domestic violence with injuries. Mr. Naderi represented the client throughout the process and set the case for trial. The case was dismissed prior to trial.

CHARGES DISMISSED- San Fernando Courthouse- Mr. Naderi's client was charged with carjacking with a gun (A strike), criminal threats with a gun (A strike), and felon in possession of a firearm. Mr. Naderi's client also had a prior strike. His maximum exposure was close to 25 years in the state prison. Mr. Naderi pushed the case to trial. End result was a dismissal of ALL of the prison charges, no strike, and probation with community service.

CASE DISMISSED.  Mr. Weinrieb's 18 year old client, a college student, was charged with petty theft/commercial burglary.  Mr. Weinrieb arranged a settlement deal with the District Attorney where the case was dismissed upon the client's completion of community service.  The client was NOT required to enter a plea prior to the dismissal of the case.  

CASE DISMISSED.  Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with drug trafficking.  Following pre-filing negotiations with the prosecution, all charges against the client were DISMISSED.

My stress and anxiety were through the roof with my DUI case. After searching through and reaching out to a plethora of lawyers online, Mr. Garret Weinrieb was the FIRST to respond and addressed my inquiries thoughouly and diligently. I came into his office and immediately felt at ease speaking with him and hired him to handle my case. Best choice I could have made. Garret was always accessible through text, call, or email. Answered all my questions and handled my situation superbly. I paid for PEACE OF MIND with Garret on my side. I would full heartedly recommend him to anyone who needs an honest lawyer. Thank you, Garret.

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