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Robbery is an extremely serious crime that is charged when someone uses force and/or fear to take another person’s property.  “Force” is usually an assault or battery, and “fear” typically means threatening […]

A Burglary occurs when someone enters a structure with the intention of committing a theft or a felony when they get inside.  “Residential burglaries” refer to burglaries of homes, and “commercial burglaries” […]

Charged with the crime of Statutory Rape in Los Angeles County? Statutory Rape is charged when an adult — someone over the age of 18 — has sexual intercourse with a minor […]

Charged with the crime of Rape in Los Angeles County?  Rape is an extremely serious crime, punishable by up to 13 years in prison under certain circumstances.  Rape is a “strike” under […]

Charged with Child Molestation in the San Fernando Valley? There are few criminal charges that can destroy one’s reputation in the community faster than being accused of child molestation.  That is only […]

A burglary occurs when someone enters a building, either a commercial building like a mall, or a residential building like a house or apartment, with the intent to commit a theft or […]

Being charged with any sex-related criminal offense is extremely serious and can have extreme ramifications on a person’s life, including a lengthy state prison or jail sentence, lifetime sex offender registration, and […]

An assault requires that a person did an intentional act; he attempted to make contact or did make actual contact with a victim; he knew that his actions would probably result in […]

To be a battery, there must be an unwanted physical contact with a person’s body, clothing or something they are holding or making contact with. While a person typically commits a battery […]

Qualified Patients may possess and grow marijuana for medical purposes if: The patient suffers from a qualifying condition or illness; A physician has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the […]

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